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Photo highlights from my bridal shower…to include homemade cupcakes from my mom, gorgeous flower arrangements from my aunt, sushi, creative gifts, macaroons from NYC as favors, and a fun postcard idea! Photo credit goes to my 12 year old niece Molly for the top middle shot with me in it :)


That’s my mom. She has always been in amazing shape, but she just started running last year. Today, she came in 3rd place in her age group!

My mom and I met one of my college friends, her new baby boy and her mom in Annapolis tonight for a fun crab dinner at Cantlers.  If you like messy, hard-to-eat crabs, you have to visit Cantlers.  And don’t worry if you feel like you are going the wrong way when driving there – the restaurant is totally off the beaten path.

Crabs are so much work, but its so rewarding when you get to the delicious meat!

This is my fiancé, Leke.  It is his first time on the blog.  Please give him a warm welcome :)

Leke, his sisters and I had an impromptu photo shoot before a wedding this weekend.  You can even see a photo of me with Leke’s sisters here (taken by Leke).  You would never know we were right outside our hotel in Blacksburg. 

This is my new favorite photo of Leke!

This is my best friend Kate dancing with her father, Kevin, at her wedding this weekend.  Happy Father’s Day (belated) to all the dads, especially Kevin and my own, Dad.

2011-03-20 001
A snapshot of a 100 year celebration and five generations of women.  The photo of my sister and me is courtesy of my 11 year old niece, Molly.  A photographer in the making :)