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Photo highlights from my bridal shower…to include homemade cupcakes from my mom, gorgeous flower arrangements from my aunt, sushi, creative gifts, macaroons from NYC as favors, and a fun postcard idea! Photo credit goes to my 12 year old niece Molly for the top middle shot with me in it :)


Today, I had my first official food photo shoot. 

A college teammate of mine (we both rowed crew) recently launched a gourmet marshmallow company, The Karen Mary Co., with her talented husband. Since I have been wanting to practice my food photography, I asked her if she would be willing to let me experiment and practice with their marshmallows. Luckily, they were very patient with me as I staged shots and took photos for 2+ hours today all the while sampling their amazing flavors (Vanilla Chai, Lemon, Strawberry, Chocolate Covered Caramel Vanilla with Sea Salt and more!)…go to the website and check out the goods.  They really are amazing!


This weekend I traveled to Boston to visit with a close college friend, who just had a baby girl four weeks ago…I just love this photo!

This is one of my current favorite LinDC Photography photos! Also happens to be a great friend’s adorable son…

It’s funny – as a kid, summer was always my favorite season.  I was a total water baby – pool, beach, sprinkler, whatever!  But now, I really love the changing seasons.  And, I think besides snow (favorite snow shots here and here), leaves may be my favorite natural, seasonal prop.

IMG_3908-1 IMG_4116-1

This little one was the perfect model today!  When she wasn’t sleeping, she was working it for the camera :)

She has grown so much already since her arrival!