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I am just about the worst blogger…I have been bogged down by my full time job, my side photography job, plus a move to my fiancé’s house, wedding planning and now jury duty! So, its been a bit busy lately…

However, I have been posting away on LinDC Photography’s Facebook page and will continue to do so! At some point, I will actually get a real website and blog for my professional work…

Onto the point of this post…I have driven by Pie Sisters in Georgetown so many times, but today is the first time I’ve stopped. I haven’t eaten my purchases yet (cherry, apple and lemon cream cuppies – clearly, I am sharing), but I loved the shop and they had great selections.  Check it out!


Yep, you read that right…marshmallows flavored with Guinness. I bet these would be delicious floating in a hot cup of coffee with Bailey’s or in hot chocolate. I will be sure to try that and report back…

Find them here to try it for yourself!

This is one of my current favorite LinDC Photography photos! Also happens to be a great friend’s adorable son…

Would you ever guess this was just a short drive from DC?  I can’t believe I had never been to Mt. Vernon before today.  What a gorgeous site!

Spent the afternoon with this sweet family.  They picked the location and it was awesome!

These little girls were so sweet today. It was so cold outside and the little one had a bit of a cold, so we did more photos indoors that usual, but it worked out perfectly!

I love backlight when I am working outdoors, but I am just starting to experiment with it indoors.  I love how light fills this photo from behind. 

These two are going to have the cutest baby! They are so fun and smiley – it was so nice spending the afternoon with such happy people!