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Photo highlights from my bridal shower…to include homemade cupcakes from my mom, gorgeous flower arrangements from my aunt, sushi, creative gifts, macaroons from NYC as favors, and a fun postcard idea! Photo credit goes to my 12 year old niece Molly for the top middle shot with me in it :)


Day 18 of the October Photography Challenge – Shoes (Banana Republic flats)

Notice the birth mark on my right foot. Been there since I was a baby!

B is for Blogiversary!  I cannot believe that my little photo blog has been around for one year.  A lot has changed since that first post.

Here are some highlights from the past year…
14,725 views (646 on my busiest day – thanks Emily!!)
180 posts (Bump being the most popular – thanks Lisa!!)
Top Search Term – Thunder Snow
My Favorite Post – 100!

I have been in a reading rut lately…nothing has kept my interest.  I read a review of Pictures of You on Eat Live Run and figured I would give it a try, since it does have a camera on the front and all.  And I am loving it.