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Tiffany 2011
I love the beach in the winter…

Happy Holidays and New Year!



This weekend I traveled to Boston to visit with a close college friend, who just had a baby girl four weeks ago…I just love this photo!

The view below from the top of the Discoveries Monument in Lisbon. 

This is a shot of the cool light fixture in our hotel lobby in Madrid…

We splurged on our hotel, the NH Palacio de Tepa, and it was worth it.  The location, room, staff, balcony and breakfast were awesome…

I took this photo at a restaurant called Pharmacia right in Lisbon along the water.  The restaurant is attached to the Pharmacy Museum, hence all the medical paraphernalia. The interior design was Pharmacy meets Anthropologie.  I loved it!  The food, wine and view were also amazing…


IMG_2747 IMG_2737 IMG_2729

Of course, I had to explore the Botanical Gardens in Madrid.  I could have walked around for hours taking pictures of random flowers…