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It has been way too long since I’ve been to the Cathedral Gardens, someplace I usually visit weekly with Lottie.  Since the earthquake I’ve walked over once or twice and both times the gardens were fenced off, due to the damage.  But today, they were back open…


Tiffany 2011
I love the beach in the winter…

Happy Holidays and New Year!


This weekend I traveled to Boston to visit with a close college friend, who just had a baby girl four weeks ago…I just love this photo!

This is one of my current favorite LinDC Photography photos! Also happens to be a great friend’s adorable son…


Since my dad was in town for Thanksgiving, we decided to do a little sightseeing today. He had not yet been to the World War II Memorial, or the brand new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. I had only driven by the MLK Memorial, so I was happy to play tourist for the day.

Obviously the weather was gorgeous – unseasonably warm! We walked Lottie around all the monuments, she got tons of attention from tourists and we took lots of pictures.

A successful day two of my Thanksgiving Staycation :)

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Taken in the sweetest nursery ever!